BiZiDEX: The Ultimate Online Marketing Solution for Businesses

BiZiDEX has redefined online marketing in many ways. It is an online business index which provides leads for local business ventures from the locality of the business. It also goes as far as providing the leads in a specified area, country or worldwide depending on consumer preferences. Whether you want to popularize your website and convert that to sales in your region or beyond your continent BiZiDEX has the best marketing solutions in place to make that happen. Moreover, once businesses are registered on BiZiDEX, they will also have their own social media profiles.

The inception of BiZiDEX

The company was launched in May of 2014 and has grown exponentially to provide some of the best online marketing solutions within cities, states, countries and on a global scale. The flagship consumer brand for BiZiDEX includes a popular search on any browser and any device. For advertisers, it is, therefore, the leading advertising solution which helps connect businesses to consumers online on Tablets, PCs or Smartphones. Since its inception in 2014 BiZiDEX advanced, basic and free packages listing together with a myriad of other advertising solutions have a combined ability for a massive reach of internet users regardless of the target niche. There are numerous assigned sales promoters as well as organizations in local markets across cities, countries and worldwide to ensure the targeting is duly achieved.

Online business card

BiZiDEX has tapped into the every changing online marketing sphere to increase the presence of businesses online and offline. Once businesses are signed up for free, they will get to use the listing created as an online business card which can then be shared on websites, social media profiles and as a signature when sending emails to consumers. There are different options covered in the online business card. The first tab has business details from various website links to social links and gives a description of services which the business offers. With a single click, customers can easily follow business profiles on social media.

The second tab allows for image additions so as the pictorially elaborate more about the business. Using images in addition to texts has been an integral part of online marketing as it adds the zeal to the marketing initiative and captivates more prospective customers. The third tab has coupons if there are any for the business. One of the most important tabs is the fourth tab which has directions for customers to reach the location of your business venture. It is worth nothing that online ads which perform best are those with listings which have a map option in them. The fifth tab also plays the location role, especially if your business has different branches of operation. However, this option is available for Paid Listings. Another crucial tab on your BiZiDEX online business card is the sixth tab which has contact information for your businesses. Here you will have your business phone number, email ID as well as the information about the working hours for different days.

Businesses can easily share their online business cards with their customers easily. All you have to do is register your business on BiZiDEX. The paid options are also very efficient and will lower marketing burden significantly. Businesses all over the world are facing stiff competition and to stay ahead of your competitors a business ought to grow faster. BiZiDEX allows businesses to secure their places on the ever growing networks of competition. Every business owner wants to reach more and more customers on a regular basis and even faster. As a global online business directory, BiZiDEX brings customers closer to businesses.

Reasons why BiZiDEX is exceptional for online marketing

  • BiZiDEX is available everywhere hence businesses can stand out from their small location to become a transnational business venture
  • Any business whether small, midsized or large can register with BiZiDEX and grow steadily thereby realizing the organization’s set goals
  • Business owners can register their accounts on BiZiDEX for free without having to pay hidden fees afterward
  • Business accounts and ads can be managed anytime. One can like or share the ads from different devices such as mobile phones, desktop, and tablets
  • With BiZiDEX, it is easier to upgrade and switch to better plans for online marketing. It is a flexible to move from free, basic and advanced packages at any time
  • There are numerous reviews from businesses all over the world about their experiences with BiZiDEX. More and more BiZiDEX users leave reviews that are verified, to be honest and sincere

Social Media and BiZiDEX

It is no doubt that social media has taken online marketing by storm. Almost all the customers any business requires are in social media in some way. If you are passionate about user experiences, BiZiDEX allows you to create awesome ideas that can be used by millions of people all over the world. Better yet BiZiDEX is customized for various regions of the world as it has different language options to develop further and consolidate the concept of social media marketing. More language options are also being develop to ensure easier access to customers from various parts of the world.


Online marketing is about inclusive and engagement of clients on different fronts; from social media to search engines to websites to email notifications. BiZiDEX exceptionally embodies the concept of engaging businesses on various scales thereby creating streams of traffic to businesses. As a business owner even as you suffice your prospective buyers you get to have a peace of mind that your business will keep growing so long as it is listed on BiZiDEX.