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Discover the mesmerising work of Dr. Jackie Jones-Hunt, a distinguished UK-based author, psychic researcher, and lecturer with over four decades of profound expertise. Her extensive research has led to the publication of three enthralling books, including 'Moses and Jesus the Shamans' and the 'Proof Animals Have Souls series. Dr. Jones-Hunt delves deep into the enigmatic realm of mediumship, offering profound insights into the afterlife and the mysteries of the soul. Her groundbreaking 'Proof Animals Have Souls' series redefines our perception of connecting with our animal counterparts and fostering compassion. Engage with her thought-provoking research that sheds light on these mystifying subjects. Expand your horizons and explore the profound work of Dr. Jackie Jones-Hunt, a true luminary in the field.

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Shaw Hill, HX1 2YZ, Halifax, West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom, Great Britain (UK)
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