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Address: 61 Terrill Rd, Plainfield, NJ 07062 "At Jun Deegan Mold Remediation, we offer comprehensive solutions to get rid of your mold problem once and for all. Our local professionals are ready and able to take care of any possible fungal growth you may have in your residence. If you are concerned about mold on walls, basement mold, or simply the musty smell that has become all too normal, we are the team to call! Our mold removalservices offer you a transparent, timely, and trustworthy resolution to situations that can often be discomforting and uncertain. Above all, it is critical to take proactive action to protect your property and loved ones and�remediate mold�before the problem gets out of hand. Our team is available to answer and respond to whatever situation you may find yourself in."

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Plainfield, New Jersey, United States, USA

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