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Music instruction, Piano Lessons, Voice Lessons, Divine Feminine Dance. Do you hear music and have the impulse to sing but shut yourself down because someone told you along the way that you’re not a singer? Do you have difficulty speaking your truth with ease? Do you have the desire to play the piano but feel it’s “too late” to start? Do you try to meditate but find yourself on a “hamster wheel” of thoughts? Do you long to feel free moving in your body but feel “stuck” or “self-conscious?” You’re in the right place! I’m Jennifer Loftus and I’ve been helping people get over these hurdles for 30 years. I have many tools to help you so you can easily move beyond feeling stuck and get on the other side so you can move, sing and heal with joy and confidence. I’m so glad you’re here!

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Punta Gorda, Florida, United States, USA
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Sunday 8 am–5 pm Monday 8 am–5 pm Tuesday 8 am–5 pm Wednesday 8 am–5 pm Thursday 8 am–5 pm Friday Closed Saturday 8 am–5 pm

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