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Quartzed Crystals, born from a serendipitous dream and kindled by the passion for feline companionship, began its enchanting journey in late 2020. Anna, initially a stranger to the world of crystals, experienced a vivid dream one night—a dream that manifested as a crystal bin, sparking an inexplicable connection to these ethereal stones. Awakening with a profound sense of purpose, Anna felt the dream beckoning her to embark on a transformative path: the creation of Quartzed Crystals. In a fortuitous twist, Anna shared this celestial vision with her best friend, Michelle, an ardent crystal enthusiast with an exquisite personal collection. United by a shared love for cats and now, an undeniable calling from Higher Guides, Anna and Michelle swiftly joined forces. As lockdown walks became the canvas for their dreams, the vision evolved into reality. Quartzed Crystals came to life in January 2021, a haven where the energy of crystals converges with the warmth of friendship.

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