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Sheba Aid Foundation is a registered charity in Ireland that mobilizes funds for Yemen. As per the United Nations (UN), Yemen has emerged as one of the most significant humanitarian crises on a global scale. Recent statistics reveal that more than 20.7 million Yemenis urgently require life-saving assistance. The situation is dire, with up to 19 million people grappling with food insecurity and over 4.2 million facing displacement. Your support can make a tangible difference in alleviating their suffering and restoring hope for a better future. Join us in our mission to bring relief and resilience to the people of Yemen. Presently, they find themselves residing in tents, damp and bare structures, and makeshift self-constructed shelters, lacking sufficient access to food, warm clothing, heating, or electricity. Compounded by Yemen's dry climate, these conditions further exacerbate the challenges faced by the displaced population.

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