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Imagine a QR code that's more than just a link. BL.INK takes QR codes to the next level by infusing them with structured data. Think of it as supercharging these ubiquitous squares, turning them into gateways to a world of information. Forget clunky URLs and endless typing. With a simple scan, BL.INK-powered QR codes can unveil a wealth of details: in-depth product specs, personalized discounts, hidden messages, or even connect you directly with a local business's profile. BL.INK transforms these familiar black and white squares into portals of possibility, enriching the user experience and boosting engagement. So ditch the link and unlock the power of structured data. BL.INK empowers you to create smarter, more informative Structured data from QR codes that do more. it's here now.

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6302 Royal Birkdale Overlook, Austin, Texas 78746, United States, USA

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